CBCT fields of view

3D S field

A small field (6×6 cm) is meant for planning procedures in one sextant or quadrant. A section of the antagonistic quadrant.

Sextants: lateral teeth (3-8) of each quadrant or upper and lower front teeth.


3D M field

A medium field (7.5-10 cm) is suitable for viewing the entire dental arch, including the mandibular canal. This field is also used to create an implant matrix in guided implantology.

Upper and lower dental arch
Upper dental arch and sinuses
Lower dental arch and mandibular canal


3D L/XL field

Large fields (7.5×14.5 cm / 10×14.5 cm) are ideal in situations where both jaws need to be examined. The image shows the TM joints and the upper section of the cervical spine. The choice between these two fields is made by radiology technicians.

Maxilla and mandible