Zagreb Center – Dubrava

The latest dr.Lauc Dental Imaging – Zagreb Center Dubrava at Dubrava 171. Opened with goal to provide our patients and collogue dentists in this area with fastest and highest quality X-ray dentistry tests. In Centar Dubrava we provide services of 3D CBCT diagnostics, digital ortopan, intraoral, bite and occlusion images, craniogravure images and cephalometric analysis services using state-of-art technology in radiological diagnostics. It is not necessary to mark an appointment.

Dubrava 171, Zagreb
(01) 33 33 803
Working hours:
Weekdays: 8AM-8PM
Saturday: 9AM-2PM

Price list

Service Price (HRK)
Digital panoramic radiograph 180,00
Digital panoramic radiograph 1:1 180,00
Semi-orthopan 90,00
Digital image of a tooth 50,00
TMJ image 180,00
Bite-wing 50,00
Maxilla (occlusion image) 70,00
Mandible (occlusion image) 70,00
Status (per radiograph) 50,00
Craniogram (teleradiograph) LL 180,00
Craniogram (teleradiograph) PA 180,00
Cephalometric analysis 300,00
LL + cephalometric analysis 500,00
Panoramic radiograph reissue 100,00
Intraoral image reissue 20,00
Panoramic radiograph 2D reading 100,00
Maxillary sinus image 200,00
CBCT Service Price (HRK)
CBCT of 1 tooth 250,00
CBCT S field 300,00
CBCT M field 500,00
CBCT of upper and lower dental arch 500,00
CBCT L/XL field 700,00
CBCT analysis M field 400,00
CBCT analysis S field 200,00
CBCT TMZ (unilateral / bilateral) 300,00 / 500,00
CBCT print on film 8*10 50,00
CBCT print on film 10*12 100,00
CBCT reissue 100,00
BCT measurements 200,00
CBCT mandibular channel marking 200,00