Radiation protection in pediatric radiology

Image Gently Alliance

It is compulsory in planning prosthetic therapy in orthodontics and in planning implant position or extracting unbudded teeth in oral surgery. A panoramic image can be made for children as well, as it uses an adjusted, decreased level of radiation for children.

Radiologists play a key role in health services for children. Radiology and CT are critical in diagnosing diseases in children and they have an effect both on therapy and improving its outcomes. The responsibilities of radiologists, as well as all team members, is the safety of every child during a radiological examination, which needs to be customised to suit the child.

Research has shown that children are more sensitive to radiation and that they can develop negative changes in their bodies after receiving increased doses of radiation. This is why we give children special attention. We exclusively use radiographic systems designed to account for working with children, which includes a drastic decrease in dosage and imaging time.


We are the first in Croatian dental medicine to have joined the Image Gently project, where we promote caution in making decisions on imaging a small patient among our colleagues.